We all know this quilt… when you set a bunch of 8-Pointed Stars together. But have you seen what happens when you set in the new 8-Pointed Star Quarter blocks from the EQ7 Block Library?

With one CTRL+click with the Set Block tool and one CTRL+click with the Symmetry tool, you get this neat design where you don’t have double squares where the stars meet. The stars share the square!

Here are some of the other blocks/quilts from that new style in the library. If you shorten the 8-pointed star’s diamonds, you get longer “sashes” in between instead of the squares.

Have fun with all these Eight-Pointed Star Quarters in the EQ7 1 Classic Pieced Block library:

EDIT – 02/09/11
Anneke from Rotterdam sent in this suggestion:
Edit the block to the EasyDraw worktable and add a diagonal line through the center square to make it easier to piece.