I was checking out the oh-so-lovely EQ Quilt Gallery and saw a quilt that reminded me of an awesome EQ software tip!

You can import a picture of a quilt center. Set the picture in the center of a custom set rectangle (the finished size). Then add borders around it.

Quilt #180 Round Robin by Mona Beck
Mona writes: “This quilt is why I bought EQ. This was a challenge for Carol Doak’s Yahoo group. She issued a set of criteria each month for the center, then each round, and we had to come up with a design that fit the criteria. I was having such a hard time visualizing colors and patterns that I decided to buy EQ, and do it the easy way. I started the design with a photo of what I had done up to the point I got the program, then designed the next rounds using EQ.

Mona Beck Virtual Quilt Mona Beck’s Virtual Quilt

Mona Beck Finished Quilt Mona Beck’s Finished Quilt

Use this same tip for using panel prints!

Awesome job Mona!