I was paging through the new issue (March/April 2011) of McCall’s Quilting magazine and saw the most refreshing spring pattern. I wondered if Dorothy Ann Weld used EQ to design her “Ode to the Flower” quilt featured on pages 72 and 73, so I emailed her.

Here’s what Dorothy Ann says: “Hi Andrea, I did indeed use EQ to design this quilt. I have the MOST fun designing. This quilt was submitted and accepted about a year ago. McCall’s works that far out and sometimes even further. I have one coming out in the July/Aug issue and another as far out as March 2012. I’ve learned A LOT! It’s exciting, but it is also fascinating. I’ve designed on EQ5, upgraded to 6 and now EQ7. This quilt was designed on EQ6 as 7 had not been released. I love designing on the applique setting. I create a motif, copy, rotate and center, I stretch, tilt and border the blocks. The possibilities are endless and I get a little frustrated that I can just keep on going. I have to stop at some point, but I’ve been known to have as many as 50 versions of a quilt. For instance, I have already redesigned this new quilt into a queen size, that’s just a few clicks away. The kit is for sale on my website, www.peacebypiecing.com for $92 plus $6 shipping, $98 total.

Directions for making the quilt are in the March/April 2011 issue of McCall’s Quilting magazine. The kit is available on Dorothy Ann’s website: www.peacebypiecing.com

Congratulations to Dorothy Ann on making it into the magazine. We can’t wait to see your other designs in future issues.