Janet Quam did a really fun EQ quilt design series on “what’s in my purse”. The designs were based off of things she carried or found in her purse. Wow, couldn’t all women have some interesting quilt designs with this strategy!? Below are two of Janet’s quilts; “Sunflower Seeds” and “Skiver”. She tells us a little bit about them:

Skiver: On the EQ7 image workspace, I traced a motif of Skiver’s picture which I had in my purse. Then I drew motifs for the flowers.
Skiver, born June 3, 2010, is our new purebred Freisian colt. He loves to attack tall weeds – kicking, stomping, chewing, hitting with his head – until all is conquered. He grew 7 inches taller in one month.

Sunflower Seeds: I had a packet of sunflower seeds in my purse that I bought at the co-op. Can you believe that I didn’t even get them planted? Must be because of working with the new EQ7.

Thank you so much for sharing your designs with us, Janet!