Sindy of Sindy’s Stuff blog has a great little tip to share about EQ. When it came time to remodel the bathroom she was stumped about how she was going to do it without the help of the handymen in her life. So she turned to EQ for help with planning out her new space! Here’s how Sindy explains:

“I didn’t have Jon or my Daddy at my side to cut and measure. They have always done that part of he improvements jobs (down at the River). This time I was on my own and on a budget! I had to make the most out of the sheets I bought. Graph paper, tape measure, pencil, I was on a roll. Then smashed right into a brick wall. I just could not get onto paper what I needed. It was like I had brain lock. Shazam! I had an epiphany, I opened up EQ7 and started designing a custom set quilt! I made each of the sections of paneling I needed into a block and began dragging and dropping them onto my paneling sheet sized Quilt! Used the add text tool on layer two and put in the measurements for each block. Printed it off and sped to Lowe’s! I felt so empowered!!! The look on the young man’s face that was doing the cutting for me was priceless. “You did this in what?”

Read her blog to learn more!