There’s a day for everything. Did you know there’s even a day for looking up in the skies to search for UFO’s? June 24th to be exact. Well, rather than all of us running around with tinfoil hats, let’s take a quilter’s spin on June 24th.

Quilters refer to UnFinished Objects as their UFO’s. Throw a party to celebrate the fact that none of us are perfect and have finished every project we’ve ever started. Throw the party as a chance to bring those UFO’s, hang out with friends, and work on them so they are eventually finished.

Throw a Quilting UFO party:
1 Invite friends and fellow quilters to come to your home with an unfinished object (quilt, block, or other crafty endeavor… it could even been a stack of pants that need hemmed).

2 Make posters that say “I Believe (I can finish this)” or “Quilters made the first UFOs”.

3 Serve some green fruit punch and tell everyone it’s alien juice. Decorate sugar cookies like the planets. You could even have cheese and crackers to serve and pick a cheese that has a lot of holes like the moon.

4 Have fun with it and encourage the people in your group as they each try to finish the object they brought.

So get planning and remember to take photos at your UFO party so you can share them with us! Happy Quilting :)