Judy B. is The Virtual Quilter. All the quilts on her site are designed in EQ6 and will soon be designed in EQ7! But to commemorate and celebrate EQ6, Judy has challenged herself to post 6 quilts everyday until June 7th (the day EQ7 ships) which will put her at 1000 quilt designs posted since she began! WOW! What a challenge! And even more impressive, she’s made herself accountable to all of us who will be checking in on her to see the beautiful quilts she designs. That’s brave :)
Just has also challenged her readers to play with their EQ6 programs and to post their designs to prove that they deserve and need EQ7.

Judy writes:
This morning’s virtual quilt is number 750 I have added to my blog. I then issued a challenge to everyone else to play with whatever EQ they have and post their virtual quilts to show that they deserve EQ7. Just a few minutes ago I set a challenge for me …. to post virtual quilt number 1000 the day EQ7 is shipped. I have the quilts lurking in the computer, all I have to do is get them out of there and onto the blog. Wish me luck!

Judy’s designs are absolutely breathtaking and thought out. They are so well designed and fun to check up on. She posts quilts nearly everyday already and everyone of them is unique. She even give you different variations to get your creative juices flowing.

So now, I’m challenging all of you to check in on Judy and her countdown to 1000 designs and the arrival of EQ7! Check out her site everyday, get inspired to design your own quilts, and help pass the time between now and when your EQ7 will arrive on your doorstep!

Thanks for sharing all your beautiful quilts, Judy! We just love your site!