Sarah Vedeler is an amazing designer based in Scottsdale, AZ. Her background is in software engineering but she was introduced to sewing and embroidery design later in life and took to it like a duck to water. Sarah’s embroidery designs are vibrant, playful, and fresh so her creations were well received in contests and in the community. In 2009 she took home 2nd place in the Annual Show of the Arizona Quilters Guild in the Machine Embroidery category and became motivated by the overwhelming support. She began further exploring her creativity by designing more and more projects and has since been enjoying her her new found life purpose of inspiring joy and beauty with her work.

Sarah also an EQ6 user! EQ helps Sarah to explore her color options, test her embroidery designs and appliqués in quilt layouts. In particular, she used EQ6 to explore ideas for a project called “Silk Hearts”. Sarah says, “I mainly used it to figure out a color scheme and the layout. You can see at the end of the Quilts that there are a couple of layouts – and I did trace one of the big hearts from the quilt so that I could use it in EQ. I wanted to see what it would look like to use different colors in the appliqués for the hearts.”
(See the EQ6 “Silk Hearts” quilt in our EQ Gallery.)

You can see and purchase more of Sarah’s designs on her website. You could even import her designs into EQ6 to use yourself! Get her free “Hearts Quilt” patterns here. Sarah is also a teacher and if you are in the Arizona area she can show you first hand and in person how to master her skills. Check her calendar for dates and class topics to get involved.