Do you have Amy Butler Softwares yet? Well if not you are missing out. Not too long ago we told you about the update downloadavailable on our website for a new quilt and fabric line to add to your Amy Butler Softwares. The quilt pattern features Amy’s new line of fabrics called LOVE and it’s stunning.

Malena Ortin emailed me today with some photos of the LOVE quilt that she recently finished. It’s gorgeous and I had to show you. Malena writes,

“I can not stop looking at it. I love Amy Butler fabrics because they are so colorful and fun. With those large patterns it is like they are saying: “look at me, here I am!”.

This is a close up of my Hexy Sexy Quilt made with Amy Butler´s free pattern. It was machine pieced and hand quilted. I chose different colors than the ones used in the pattern. This made the process a bit more complicated because there were so many possible combinations that it was difficult to decide how to combine them. I liked all of them!

I took this photo at my balcony. I live in Spain and it was such a lovely and sunny day that I thought that would be the best way to showcase the quilt´s beautiful colors.

If you notice, I added another horizontal row to the quilt. Here I have it on top of a queen size bed, but it has been made to fit perfectly a single bed.

I did not have enough fabric, because I had bought it prior to finding the pattern, so I had to improvise. The outer sides of the hexagons are slightly smaller than the ones in the free pattern, but you can hardly notice, don´t you?

I hope you like my quilt!