A few weeks ago Sally Robbins sent us some images of a quilt she submitted to the Machine Quilter’s Expo in Road Island (which kicks off today!) Sally designs her quilt in EQ6 and this quilt was no exception.

Sally explains how she designed this quilt in EQ6:
When I first got the EQ6 update (several years ago now) I went through the lessons in the
user manual and one of them used the special effects preset quilt layouts. I happened to be working
on a block that I could tell would look great in three dimensions and then worked that one up.
I emailed it to Andrea and she used it in a TV segment on color value. It was called
“Tilted Tiles”.
When I got the NEQM challenge fabrics three of the six were 9″ by 44″ in a color
gradation. I immediately thought of the previous quilt I had made. The challenge
also required that there be a least one Bear’s Paw block and so that is what I used
in the preset layout. It seemed too busy to me and so I went with the four large black
corner triangles and four black squares in the center to simplify and pull it all together.
I previewed several colors for the fourth color gradation, one of the most wonderful tools
in EQ.
The borders and small Bear’s Paws were ways to use the other required fabrics in the quilt.
I previewed several of the special effects layouts but came back to one of the simplest.
I used templates printed from EQ6 and probably would never had made the quilt if I didn’t
have them as it would have been a real chore to draw by hand. I don’t like paper piecing
and so it never occurred to me to use that technique, though in this case it might have
been better. And I did cut all on the proper grain so there was a LOT of bias edge
to work with.

Sally, best of luck in the MQX this month and be sure to post how you did!