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The short paragraph below incorporates answers to the following questions:


- What’s your next quilting purchase going to be and why?
- What’s the best part about working all day in a quilt shop?
- If you teach, what is your favorite class to teach?

My husband and I both come from a corporate, high-tech background and have found our second careers owning a quilt shop to be extremely fulfilling. Helping customers and meeting new people are very rewarding and important to us. Quilting is a very social activity with lots to learn and share, so we have classes nearly every day, 5 area guilds hold workshops at the shop, and several private groups meet regularly at the shop. As an engineer, it’s fun to use software programs, such as EQ6, to show someone what their quilt will look like and how much yardage they’ll need. We’ve been producing laser-cut kits, shapes and templates with our laser which has really helped people get projects done fast since the pieces are already precision-cut. With the growing interest we’re seeing, our next major purchase will be a second laser machine. I’ve been a professional Longarm quilter for over 10 years and I enjoy teaching a class on how to use a Longarm quilting machine. Many of the students, who don’t have their own machine, then rent time on our Longarm and it’s just amazing what they do!