Asker outside Oslo,Norway
+47 90 84 20 15
Hours: 8 am – 22 pm

Pictured areRosalie Quinland design I reduced in size and is now a silk cushion in my mother living room, a design that will be presented in the magazine with pattern and sewing instruction made on EQ6 – in silk –of course and number, and ”snøfnugg blå” which is a free design with pattern I made from EQ6 to my customers and means snowflakes…

Classes you hold and/or Quilt Groups or Guilds that meet there Starting up classes in Silkquilting and EQ6 tutorial in mid March -10

I discovered that silk goes very well with jewelry – so I also have lovely pieces of all kinds of jewelry from 2 carats diamondsrings to cheap necklaces for my customers who love to browse. Look at my designs, fabrics, patterns and jewelry


Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start quilting who never has before?
Using silk is very exciting – remember to use vlieseline (H180 preferable) before cutting in silk as it needs stabilizing, combine fabrics. Have fun! It’s great fun!

What beginning quilting question do you get quite often? What do you tell them?
Precision, stabilizing, precision, try and test out first

Do you help your customers plan a design to finish their UFO’s? What’s your favorite trick?
Use EQ6, roughly design their quilts and play with colors, blocks, and stitchery together with the customer.

What’s your favorite part of the day at work?
Making new designs and carry them out. I have just submitted a design and finished quilts based on a request from the magazine with pattern and sewing instruction– for a cushion and tablerunner for a Nordic Quilting Magazine with ”hearts” as a theme

What’s your next quilting purchase going to be and why?
A purchase trip to Dubai to buy exciting silk eligible for silk quilting, and of course more vlieseline H 180 – I am always running out of stabilizer for my silk quilting projects…

If you have taken quilting classes, who was your favorite teacher and what was the class on?
Helle Løvenskjold who tought me a lot I could transfer into silk quilting, small tricks and allowed me to work on silk in her classes

What’s the best part about working all day in a quilt shop?
As I have a web shop, customer contacts, giving advices for quilting and suggesting silktypes and colors
Additionally, you may include any other fun details about your store.