March is National Quilting Month. To celebrate quilters and the quilting industry, all month we will be featuring quilting shops. Quilt shop owners are some of the hardest working participants in the quilting industry, so let’s see why they love it so much and what they do all day.

Homestead Hearth
105 N. Coal
Mexico, MO 65265

Monday 10-5,
Tuesday and Thrusday 10-6
Friday and Saturday 10-5
Closed Sundays

Below is a picture of the cover of our book, featuring quilts designed in EQ!


Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start quilting who never has before?
Don’t be afraid to try quilting, even if the pattern you like looks intermediate or advanced. We’ve had lots of customers successfully dive into quilting because they loved the look of a project & really wanted to make it.

If you have taken quilting classes, who was your favorite teacher and what was the class on?
My favorite quilting class ever is Charlotte Angotti’s “Let Me Surprise You” offered at various national quilting festivals. Charlotte does all the work–from designing the quilt to cutting out the pieces so you just go in & sew all day! Plus, she’s really funny and informative. She shares lots of tips & always has funny stories so she keeps you laughing.

What’s the best part about working all day in a quilt shop?
The best part about working in a quilt shop is playing with color and fabrics. I like the design process best. So, the chance to play with other people’s fabrics & help them make choices is almost as fun as working on my own projects.