We are still looking for a few more stores to be featured on the blog during National Quilting Month! We have a handful of spots left so if you want to feature your store on the EQ Blog here’s how to enter:

Send an email to sarahshriver@electricquilt.com with the following information:
• Store Name
• Location
• Phone/Email  (preferred method of contact)
• Hours
• Website or Blog address (if you have one)
• At least 2 quality images to be included on the blog (these can be of your store, you, products, classes…)
• Classes you hold and/or Quilt Groups or Guilds that meet there
• Please answer 3 of the following questions in a short paragraph for possible inclusion on the blog:

  1. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start quilting who never has before?
  2. What beginning quilting question do you get quite often? What do you tell them?
  3. Do you help your customers plan a design to finish their UFO’s? What’s your favorite trick?
  4. What’s your favorite part of the day at work? (Please don’t answer: going home.)
  5. What’s your next quilting purchase going to be and why? (somebody’s book? A new machine? Needles because they’re getting dull? 10 yards of something for quilt backs?)
  6. If you teach, what is your favorite class to teach?
  7. If you have taken quilting classes, who was your favorite teacher and what was the class on?
  8. What’s the best part about working all day in a quilt shop?

Additionally, you may include any other fun details about your store.