Recently The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson posted a blog topic about using software for quilt designing. We were flattered to read the comments and see how many of you are using EQ6 for your project designs! THANK YOU!

One blogger, DBL Turtle, comments:

“I use EQ6 Software (Electric Quilt 6) to design many of my quilts. With it I can scan my fabric stash into my computer, and then create my design, and color with my fabric. It works great as a design wall, because the image of the quilt is smaller, and you are able to get the distance away from your design to see what it will look like. I also use a design wall in my studio, to make changes after I’ve cut and begun to piece my quilt together. Since I’ve been using EQ6 regularly, I have been getting my quilts in shows, so there may be a connection there. You can create several designs, save them, then go back and review them later and pick your favorite, or make any changes that you might not have seen at the time. I like to use some piecing along with appliqué, which I like to draw myself on the computer. I highly recommend EQ6, it has videos built in, which show how to use the program. It is allot of fun!”
TQS Member DBL Turtle

Thank you for the kind words DBL Turtle!