It’s been a long while since EQ1 came out in 1992 so we thought it would be fun to see just how many of you out there have been with us since EQ1. We ran a contest for Newsletter subscribers to see just how many of you had EQ1. We had a handful of entries which really touched our hearts. Especially because when Dean and Penny first started The Electric Quilt Company all the EQ1 users contact information was kept in a shoe box!
Nancy Quesada was our winner but we thank you ALL for sticking with us throughout the years. Nancy writes:
In checking my EQ1 manual, I find that I ordered it on January 25, 1993. Some of the things that I so enjoy about EQ are that everything is explained step-by-step, and the directions do work if I just follow them faithfully. Also, the directions don’t make me feel like a complete computer dunce. I remember reading the manual, and finding comforting sentences such as: “I won’t break the computer when I press the wrong key.” (p. 4of EQ1) Thank you for such a great program, a program that I’ve counted on over the last 17 years.
Thank you again for the EQ program.

Yours Deep in the Heart of Texas,
Nancy Quesada