We recently talked with Lacey Hill of Golden Thyme Designs about how she uses EQ6 to design her quilts and we had to share it with you!

My name is Lacey Hill and I am an author & pattern designer.  I am currently doing freelance designs for Northcott Silk and I have used EQ6 to create the appliqués for center medallions of 3 quilt designs coming out for Spring Market 2010 in MSP.

Below are 3 quilts I designed in EQ using Ro Gregg’s fabrics from Northcott and 1 that is in Asian Fabrics Magazine this issue. All my quilt patterns at www.QuiltWoman.com were created with EQ along the 7 patterns, includes the 3 appliqué I sent will be available after Market.

My mantra is: It’s All About the Fabric! I use the large-scale designs in full repeat. Ro & I collaborated on 2 books that are at print using the Leading Ladies & Supporting Cast Fabric Collection for quilts and Home Decorating Fashions coming out this month with QuiltWoman. Since Patti Carey from Northcott provides me with full scale images, I can easily import the fabrics at full scale and as you know…EQ does the rest! No more Photoshop!!!!! Hallelujah! I’m such a very happy girl!

My designs are for “quick quilts” that look like a lot of piecing was involved but actually they take no more than a day or 2 to complete. I use up-sized blocks, usually 12-16 in a quilt and I may add few large complimentary blocks. Then the fabric does the rest.

That’s why I love EQ!
~Lacey Hill
Golden Thyme Designs

Thanks for chatting with us Lacey and best of luck with the new book coming soon!