This is an official WELCOME TO EQ for Kelly Jackson! Kelly, like others, wasn’t sure she could learn EQ6. She let it sit in the box for some time before a friends, SewCalGal, helped her muster up the courage to dive in! With the help of EQ6 Simplified, Kelly spent just 15 minutes each day working through a step-by-step lesson. In no time Kelly was nearly a pro.

Kelly documented her “journey through EQ6 SImplified” on her blog, I Have a Notion. It’s a fantastic ode to how great of a tool EQ6 Simplified can be for helping weary EQ6ers get started. If you are considering EQ6 Simplified but still aren’t sure if it’s the right book for you make sure that you read Kelly’s blog. She does a great job of illustrating how the book is supposed to work.Kelly says, ” I’m hooked. I know I will continue with my lessons because I want to be able to build on my skills.”

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Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Kelly and keep up the great work! Make sure you show us your creations sometime.