“Dove c’è EQ c’è una quilter felice” or translated from Italian, “Where there’s EQ there’s a happy quilter” – So says the title of a Magic Patch article! Magic Patch is an Italian quilting and patchwork magazine and when our friend and fellow EQ teacher, Simonetta Marini, was invited to write an article for them she thought of EQ. We were honored! Simonetta wanted to show people how EQ can make the design and creation process so much simpler so she turned to our EQ Quilt Gallery. After browsing the Quilt Galleryshe chose a few quilt to use in the article, contacted the designers, and then featured them in her article. What a nice compliment! The Quilt Gallery features EQ designed quilts in virtual form and then in completed fabric. It’s really fun to see.
Visit our Quilt Gallery to see these quilts and more!

Show us your quilts! If you have an EQ design that made it into fabric, we’d love to see it. 

    What we need sent to penny@electricquilt.com:

  • EQ project (tell us which quilt it is in the Sketchbook)
  • Photo of the entire finished quilt (not at an angle/as straight-on as possible, larger than 600 pixels, do not crop out the background, do not cut off the borders or binding in the picture)
  • Quilt Title
  • who gets the Credit? (designer, maker, quilter)
  • Note or Story about the quilt
  • your website or blog information (optional)