Available May 2010, City Quilts – 12 Dramatic Projects Inspired by Urban Views by Cherri House will be the all the rage! We interviewed Cherri in our EQ June 2009 Newsletter and learned so much about, Cherry House Quilts. 

In the interview, we asked Cherri, “What inspires you?” and her response pretty much explains what her new Book, City Quilts will be about:
Everything!  I see quilts everywhere; there are so many graphic, geometric, sources of inspiration around us.  There is no limit to the quilts that could be made from squares, rectangles, triangles, and other simple shapes.  In December, when I drove to Idaho for Lizzy’s (daughter and business partner) college graduation, I saw these rolling fields that had been plowed, and had the lightest dusting of snow.  I wanted to capture that beauty and somehow turn it into a quilt.  Some things lend themselves more to being a quilt then others, but inspiration is everywhere, free for the taking.

Keep an eye out for this book in May. Don’t worry, I’m sure we will remind you!