Misty, relaxing colors, large prints and soft curves make for a lovely, peaceful quilt.

In the October/November issue of Quilt magazine (pg 14), Patricia Bravo uses her own line of fabrics to make a beautifully curved and calming quilt.

Patricia says, “it was done with EQ6; in fact, I make ALL of them on your software… Well, once you start drawing on EQ6 you become addicted!

I love curves and all the blocks with curves in the world! So I use all the ones provided on EQ6 and BlockBase. My style and approach to design may be different from other quilters; I try to give a contemporary twist to my designs and to make blocks compatible with my big print fabrics. The new trend in quilting is big prints, big blocks, and easy to sew! I think curved blocks are not used to their fullest potential and they are so fun. Plus, believe it or not, I never piece a curved block; I use an appliqué technique to encourage quilters to sew curved blocks and not to be afraid of curves! I have a tutorial on my blog and people love it… ‘curved seams 101‘. I print my templates from EQ6, but I use them differently…

On my quilt “Refreshing Spa Bubbles” I was looking for a lot of movement, and I think I achieved that! It’s very modern, fast to sew, and the result is an appealing and attractive quilt (in my opinion).
I am very happy with the software; you made a lot of improvements from EQ5. Would recommend it to anybody; it is very versatile!!

The kit for Refreshing Spa Bubbles is available at materialgirlfabrics.com. You can visit Patricia’s website for project ideas, sneak peaks at what she is working on and lots more at www.artgalleryfabrics.typepad.com.