A few months ago, Patricia Rhudy wrote in to say: “Just had to send you a note to tell you how much I love my EQ software. We are getting ready to celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, so of course I have been designing a quilt for the celebration. I was thinking that I wanted to make a quilt with 30 blocks that would have pictures highlighting special occasions from the last 30 years. I love the feature of adding a photo to any layer of my quilt because it helps me to determine what size the photos should be.

When my husband asked me what I wanted for our anniversary, I told him that I wanted something that he made. I knew that I wanted to make him a special quilt. I will send you a picture when I complete the quilt.

Anniversaries are special, especially when you make it all the way to 30. We asked Patricia to tell us more about the anniversary quilt she designed in EQ send a picture. Of course, she is presenting it to her husband this weekend.

Patricia Rhudy writes: “The quilt is finished and I will be giving it to my husband on Sunday. You will notice that the quilt has an oriental feel about it. I did that because my husband gave me my engagement ring in New York’s Chinatown. We were there with his parents and went to a special dinner at the Hunan Gardens restaurant. After dinner we went shopping and purchased a set of dishes that were black, red, and white with an oriental pattern.

Since this is our 30th anniversary I made the quilt with 30 blocks and each block has a picture of something special that happened during those years. It was really hard to pick the pictures to use. It helped that I was able to audition them in EQ6. There have been so many wonderful things that we have experienced during these past 30 years. Our two daughters have grown up to be wonderful wives and mothers. They are both actively involved in giving back to their communities. I am so very proud of my daughters and can say that as a family we have truly been blessed many times over. My DH has always been there for me and is my “BFF” (best friend forever) and the love of my life.

My friend, Elaine Novak, machine quilted it for me with butterflies around the pictures and bamboo on the borders. I am attaching the pattern in EQ6 so you can see how I mapped out my quilt.

We are meeting our family for the weekend and will have a celebratory brunch on Sunday. That is when we will exchange gifts. I will send you another e-mail next week letting you know what my DHs special handmade gift was.

The black fabrics that I used in my quilt and the red fabric that I used was a Robert Kaufman print from the “Made in Japan” line.

Congratulations to you both. Thanks for sharing your story. Here’s to many more happy years to come.