Popular fabric blog True Up recently posted a review of our Amy Butler Softwares CD. Kevin Kosbab was so thorough with his review he even made some of the projects from the CD! Kevin’s samples are simply stunning.

Read a some of the review here and then check out the full review of Amy Butler Softwares by Kevin on True Up:

“More than just a collection of patterns, Softwares is like a virtual pattern book. The CD includes all the lush lifestyle photography you’d expect from a high-end craft book, but having templates and instructions in digital form encourages you to play around with the patterns and print just what you want or need (I followed the sewing instructions onscreen, and printed materials lists to go shopping). Overall, the digital patterns allowed more flexibility than a printed pattern or book, they suited the way I work very well, and the list price of $29.95 is fairly comparable to craft book prices. I hope this is a sign of more to come from Electric Quilt and others.”