So I was surfing around today and found the Piecemeal Quilts blog. I saw what seemed like an EQ6 design and read further… and sure enough it was.

Sandi Walton, works at a dinner theater/restaurant. She needed something to cover the bed for one of the scenes in an upcoming Nunsense production. So being the creative person that she is, she designed a quilt in EQ6 using the… wait for it…

Sister’s Choice block. :)

Sandi says: “I can’t wait to see my quilt on the stage. When I first presented the idea of the quilt, I showed several EQ6 illustrations so the director, set designer and costumer would have a better idea of what I was suggesting. When the costumer saw the finished quilt today, she was amazed at how similar it was to the original “rendering.” I love using EQ6 because you can really get a sense of the finished quilt without cutting into any fabric.

Read the story as it unfolds:

Part 1: “It’s going to be a star!

Part 2: “Sister’s Choice In Progress

Part 3: “Sister’s Choice quilt is finished!

If you love the quilt and story as much as I did, leave a comment on Sandi’s blog.

Nunsense is showing at the Armory in Janesville, Wisconsin from September 18th through October 25th.