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EQ Printables: Cotton Lawn Inkjet Fabric.

As you may know it can be used to design your own fabric. The author, Lesley Shepherd, suggests using it for doll houses and miniatures. It would work out very nicely since, as Lesley explains, it can be hard to find fabric with small enough scale.

Since you are designing the fabric you can make your fabric pattern any scale you want so it looks appropriate for an apron or tablecloth. Also, all of your fabrics can coordinate. And, no more worries about them running out of your fabric at your local quilt shop because you can just print out a new piece.

Here is a sample of a printable fabric with a very small scale that you can download. It was made by just repeating an asterisk.

You could also lay small beads in your scanner and then print that out as fabric. Old newspaper or maps might work well for small scale projects as well.

If you are interested in crafting you may also want to check out a similar product, EQ Printables Peel & Stick Inkjet Fabric, it works the same except it has an adhesive back. Fabric wallpaper for your miniatures!