Do you have a lot of scraps, strips and chunks of fabric hanging around your sewing room? Who doesn’t.

Merry May and Linda Hahn have a designed a string quilt in EQ6 that will help you use up your leftovers. It’s thrifty, frugal and somehow ends up looking extra cozy. String quilts date back to the 1880’s but in those days they never had EQ6 to play with! It’s a fresh look for a classic quilt. No Strings Attached is in the November issue of Quilt, page 76.

Merry May says, “I made up several variations of the simple half-square triangle block in EQ, and then colored them in with different combinations of fabrics, some from the latest Stash.”

Also, if you are interested in making string quilts, you might want to try EQ Printable Foundation Sheets. They would be great for that type of project.

Linda and Merry have also recently published their first book Insiders Guide to Quilting Careers and also do some designing for Elizabeth’s Studio (which you can find in our Stash program). They also have a website It’s full of fun stuff including a blog, free patterns, photos and much more. These ladies seem like they really have a lot of fun quilting and with everything they do!