I’m working on Quiltmaker 7 right now and feel like I have been drawing stencils for the last 2 years straight. I thought it would be fun to count how many I’ve traced from the Quiltmaker Quilting Motifs books… in the hopes that seeing the thousands behind me would help me get through the next 300. ;)

What is the Quiltmaker series you ask? Well, it’s this awesome little program that lets you print quilting stencils in any size. Volumes 3-7 even have videos to help you see how to mark your quilt. It ties into EQ6′s Block Library if you have it, so you can set all these beauties on your quilts to see what they look like with the design you’re planning.

How many stencils are there? All of the volumes have different blocks. Here’s a run down of the categories and numbers for each:
Volume 1 – 553 stencils – Abstract, Animals, Celtic & Woven, Charm Tacks, Feathers, Flowers, Food, Hawaiian Look, Holiday, Leaves, Southwestern Look, Stars & Sky, Swirls & Waves.
Volume 2 – 565 stencils – 60s Look, Animals, Butterflies & Bugs, Celtic & Woven, Charm Tacks, Children’s Designs, Fantasy, Feathers, Flowers, Hearts, Leaves, Sky.
Volume 3 – 717 stencils – Abstract Shapes, Animals & Bugs, Charm Tacks, Christmas, Flowers, Food, Holiday, Leaves, Sky & Water.
Volume 4 - 651 stencils – Animals, Celtic & Geometric, Charm Tacks, Feathers, Flowers, Hearts, Leaves, Stars & Sky, Swoops & Swirls.
Volume 5 – 840 stencils – Celtic & Ribbons & Curves, Feathers, Flowers, Geometric, Hearts, Leaves, Stars.
Volume 6 – 576 stencils – Charm Tacks, Feathers, Flowers, Hearts, Leaves, Miscellaneous, Shapely Swirls, Southwestern, Stars & Sky.
Volume 7 – between 480 and 500 stencils – Abstracts, Allover Designs, Critters, Feathers, Flowers, Hearts, Holiday, Leaves, Stars & Sky.

So that’s over 3902 down… 133 done for the next one… and 367 left to go.