Back in April we announced a contest in celebration of the 20th Edition of Stash! Well, we have our winner… Congratulations and THANK YOU to Judy Best for having collected every single STASH CD over the past several years! We contacted Judy to tell her that her free STASH Spring ’09 was in the mail and she replied with a very sweet message and “confession” of sorts:

“It’s now official, I’m addicted to EQ and all of it’s related products. I’m sure there are many others as well, they were just afraid to admit it. I can remember when I first started looking for a quilting program, I researched all that were available and finally decided on EQ (the first version) and I believe I made the right decision. The program has continued to grow and improve and I often wonder how I made quilts before EQ, you know the days when you traced the pattern onto cardboard templates, then traced the templates on fabric, cut them out with scissors (remember those?) and sewed them together only to find that the fabric design or colors just didn’t work or even worse that I didn’t have enough fabric. Now I can create my quilt right down to the quilting design before I cut into any fabric and know that I’ll have enough fabric and a quilt that will be beautiful when it’s done.

Thanks to all at EQ for all their hard work in keeping this program up-to-date and in tune with the current quilting trends. I for one could not live without my EQ – okay I could but life would be no fun without it.

Thanks again,”
~ Judy Best