JoAnn sent us a quilt she made with EQ Printables and EQ. So fun! It’s a documentation of her trip to Alaska with her family. I hope it sparks some fun ideas for you all. Enjoy reading her story and thank you for sharing JoAnn

This was the first (and only so far) time we had ever been to Alaska and the whole time we were there all I could think about is how I could document this wonderful and beautiful trip in a quilt.  I wanted to make blocks that would remind me of the beautiful sites.

All of the blocks were created in EQ5 – that was before EQ6′s time.  The flower blocks are my interpretation of the Alaskan Fireweed and are paper pieced.  We saw these all over and they were just beautiful.  Of course I had to make a whale block, trees, fish and Mariner’s compass which were all paper pieced as well.  The bear paw block was pieced using the rotary cutting instructions from EQ5 and the glacier is appliqued also created in EQ.  The border shows the flying geese and the sun setting on the top right (which only set for a few hours during the summer while we were there).

I left empty spaces where I could applique photos from the trip.  I love using EQ Printables.  They always turn out so beautifully and stay bright and colorful.  I own both an Epson and HP printer and both handle the sheets without any problem at all.

I also use EQ Printables for memory pillows and applique wedding/engagement photos for gifts as well as memory pillows for friends who have lost a loved one.  They usually cry when I present it to them but they love the pillows.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about all the EQ products.  I am totally hooked on EQ and don’t know what I’d do without it.
~ JoAnn Banks