Imagine my surprise and delight this morning, when I opened my mailbox to see a note from Margaret Gray, with a picture attached.

“I have the Kaleidoscope Software, and do enjoy it. I have completed the Snowflake quilt…in Feb 2009, and thought you might want to see my completed project. Mine is a little larger (66 by 66) than what the instructions said, and I added a little piping at the binding. This will belong to my son who is studying astrophysics, as the snowflakes sort of look like stars.”

Thank you so much for the hours of enjoyment.

The snowflakes do look like stars and constellations and their own little swirling galaxies. I am so excited to see your work Margaret. I hope your son ‘geeks out’ about the quilt. It is great for an astrophysicist.

Great job! I’m honored that you chose to sew one of the web lessons from our site. Thanks for sharing the picture and story.

Best wishes,
Andrea @ EQ