A while back Judy Butcher, blogger for Virtual Quilter, designed this gorgeous quilt in EQ6 and posted it on her blog to share. Her blog follower Gina saw the quilt and loved it! So, she contacted Judy and asked if she could actually make the quilt for a wounded soldier. Judy of course said, “Go for it!” Since both woman had EQ6 Judy was able to share the file with Gina so that she could make the quilt without any further instruction from Judy. How cool is that? So just recently, Judy received a photo of the finished quilt top that Gina had made. It turned out so beautifully and we love the splash of color that Gina added to the design.

Way to team up on such a pretty and much appriciated project. We know some lucky solider will be so pleased and thankful. Great job ladies!