Way back in September, Jill Pesti was chosen as the winner of the Plan B contest held by Blue Meadows Designs. Plan B is one of the neatest contests we’ve seen in quilting. Quilters entered their half made quilts or quilts gone wrong to Cori Derksen and Myra Harder, quilt designers and owners of Blue Meadow Designs. The two women chose the quilt they felt not only could use the most help but also had the most potential to transform into something better! Cori and Myra then spent the next several months re working the quilt but keeping the original idea and feel of Jill’s artwork.

The transformation was not only miraculous but really fun! Take a look at the before and after of Jill’s quilt.

See more of the transformation of the Plan B quilt on Cori and Myra’s blog. And if you love their designs, check out Town and Country Patchwork by Cori, Myra, and Electric Quilt!

Great idea Cori and Myra! We loved watching the transformation of the quilt. And congratulations to Jill!