We just HAD to share this adorable quilt made with EQ printable fabrics and the very nice comments that came with it. Beautiful job, Jennifer. This quilt is such a treasure.

“Hi, I used your premium cotton lawn fabric in a memory quilt that I made as a gift for my sister’s baby shower.  I put pictures of her, her husband, and their two daughters in it, along with blocks of bright but girly (all three children are girls) fabrics.  I’d never sewn anything before, and had just recently learned how to use my new sewing machine.  I was able to print all of the pictures I wanted without a single hitch!  It didn’t jam in my printer even once.  The pictures came out looking as sharp as they do when I print them on paper.  I printed them all in black and white, which made them stand out nicely against the brightly colored fabrics all around them.  It sewed up nicely, and feels exactly like all of the fabrics around it.  No rubbery or roughness to it at all.  I completed the quilt, and was very impressed with it myself.  I gave her the quilt this past weekend at her baby shower, and once she unfolded it and realized what it was, she started crying.  She was so impressed with it – as was everyone else at the shower.  I heard many comments from different guests about how perfect and sharp the pictures came out on the fabric.  They couldn’t believe that the fabric had been fed through the printer.  This is the first and only inkjet fabric I’ve used, and based on the results of this quilt, will be the only inkjet fabric I’ll use.  I included 8 -8” square pictures, and 20 – 4” square photos.

Thanks for making such a wonderful, easy-to-use product.”