Well it was a whirlwind Wednesday for me. I was in Cleveland taping four episodes for Quilting Arts TV. I did segments on 1) Kaleidoscopes, 2) Taking Traditional Patterns and making them Contemporary, 3) Drawing your own Quilting Stencils, 4) Drawing New York Beauties & Compasses. I had a lot of fun with host Patricia (Pokey) Bolton as always. I can’t believe we’ve done 20 episodes together.

Backstage is always a fun time to meet other people in the industry. Jamie Fingal and Alisa Burke showed me some of their techniques… (I need to work on my embellishing and painting capabilities.) Jay McCarroll from Project Runway had us in hysterics most of the time and showed off his new fabric line (I liked the “Ivy League Bees” he said they’re smart because they have glasses on).

I’ll try to post some pictures of the samples from the episodes I did. OF COURSE, I won’t post the picture of #1 until this fall, because …. guess what…. it’s your mystery side sewing project! from the Kaleidoscope Collectors. I don’t want to ruin the surprise. I finished my quilt center at noon on Tuesday and it has gotten nothing but exclamations and ooh’s and ah’s since.