Judy Butcher shared with us a really neat EQ project she made on appliqué calligraphy. Here’s a little more about it from her blog:

“Before I got a computer with lots of fancy fonts I dabbled in Calligraphy. I wasn’t particularly good at it, but I have always loved the look of a page of beautiful writing. With a computer I put the fountain pens and assorted nibs and bottles of ink aside, and used a publishing program to produce fancy text on a page.

However, I still play with fancy letters, but now I am appliquéing letters onto quilts rather than putting beautiful writing on paper. This ’sampler’ is one of a series of smaller wall hangings I have designed, a couple of which I have made, experimenting with different fonts, and ‘page’ layouts. A couple of the fonts I have designed myself, and the ones on the computer have to be traced and modified to work as appliqué.”

Judy is also making the EQ file available to you:
“The Electric Quilt 6 project file for this pattern will be sent on request. Just fill in the form on my profile page (About Judy B) or leave a comment to receive the file by email within the next few days. Instructions for opening a project sent by e-mail are on page 113 of the EQ6 User Manual.”