EQ quilt designer and teacher Lily Kerns wrote us about a new class she will be teaching on Quilt University called Super Sue and we thought you might want to check it out. Here’s the description from Quilt U:

“As far back as Sunbonnet Sue, quilters have added people to their quilts.  Lily Kerns sees those people as all grown up and facing the world.  She shows you how to use a repositionable mannequin to make action figures and how to design clothes for them.  You can use her patterns or your own, either in traditional settings or on an interactive quilt with interchangeable figures, clothing and backgrounds.  A mini art lesson is included each week to help you develop your drawing skills.  Level: Strong basic skills and adventurous spirit.  Lily’s classes are not 1-2-3 projects.  She sees multiple possibilities at every step.  There will be more ideas here than you can try during the class period.”