We’re coming out with a new software in May called “Amy Butler Quilts.” It’s going to be filled with quilt, pillow, & purse ideas using Amy’s newest fabric lines. It’s fun working with the new fabrics. They are all lovely pinks, peaches, sea greens, blues & browns.

We’ve been in constant contact with Amy’s office while working on the new software… writing directions, taking photos, sewing. We split the construction of the projects with Amy’s crew and are sewing 4 of Amy’s quilt designs. (They are so much fun.) EQ staffers, Margaret Okuley and Sara Woodward, have been sewing up a storm trying to finish the quilts in time for January 22nd. (There’s a photo shoot next week.)

I wandered over to the graphics/sewing office today and surprise-surprise Margaret was there. (She works at EQ on Tuesday and Friday and at her quilt shop the other days.)

What made it even cooler was the “quilting bee” that was happening. Margaret was binding one corner of the quilt as Sara Woodward worked on the opposite corner. I thought it was worth a picture. Both of them have been hard at work trying to complete 4 bed quilts in 3 weeks.

I’m happy to report 2 quilts are finished, quilted & bound. The other 2 are being quilted. I know we’ll meet the Thursday deadline. :)