Meet Mairi, Nora, and their mom Sara. Long time EQ user Sara introduced quilting to her daughters who have been having a GREAT time designing their own quilts and now they want to share them with the world!
This is such a fun moment between mother and daughters and we really enjoying seeing the different generations and age groups passing on their love for quilting. Plus, it just goes to show you how user friendly EQ6 really is! Now, granted these girls are extra smart and have creativity on their side… but if they can do it then so an you!

Great job Mairi and Nora. Your quilts are beautiful!

Sara won 3rd place in the “EQ the Mouse Hunt” contest. And of course, that was also a mother-daughter activity. Together they surfed the EQ website looking for EQ the Mouse and wrote down each page they found him. I’m sure there were lots of shrieks and giggles each time they saw him.