The Guild in the Granary- A Granary Guild Novel by Alma Lynn Thompson, Janis Biggs, Diana Forrester, and Mary Clark.

In November we received a note and this book from long time EQ user Mary Clark of Always in Stitches quilt shop in Grove City, Ohio. She and her friends, and contributing authors, wrote a fun and poignant mystery based on their quilt shop Always in Stitches that any quilter would enjoy! The coolest part for us… WE MADE THE BOOK! On pages 125 and 126, character Jamie calls her mother to announce she’s been offered a job at The Electric Quilt Company! We are so flattered to be mentioned.

More about the book
Quilting is a very strong metaphor for life and has provided women with community; an avenue for creativity and service for centuries. Nothing has changed and the women who quilt in Always in Stitches are as diverse and warm as any group of women you may know. Annie, a new quilter, learns about quilting, marriage and friendship after she is suspected in the suspicious death of her new husband. Olyria Brown faces the challenge of cancer and uses her palmistry skills to help Annie.
(taken from the McDiggs Publishing website. Visit their site to read more about this book)

Thanks again ladies and congratulations on the new book!