When we were in Houston we got to meet two women, Marcea Owen and Janice Liljenquist, who own Abbey Lane Quilts. They came to see us at Sample Spree and with much excitement told us all about how much they love EQ6 (so flattered) and about how their business with works with EQ6 and we were very impressed!

Marcea and Janice are quilt designers who create all of their quilts in the EQ program. They’ve been quilting together for 15 years and just a year ago decided to establish Abby Lane Quilts. Their business designs quilts for people and fabric designers all over the country. They sell their original patterns and projects in their online store. They work together to create these designs in EQ6 and the craziest part is that they don’t even live in the same town! Marcea and Janice live in Florida and Texas but transfer their EQ6 files via email to colaberate and exchange ideas on projects. When we heard this we thought, It’s the perfect use for EQ6!

They’ve really mastered what EQ6 can do for them personally and used it to it’s fullest. Not only do they use the program to create their designs and patterns to sell on their website, but they’ve tapped into the convenience of the EQ6 and internet technology. With the ability to transfer EQ6 files over email they can work together and reach a broad range of clients. A fabric designer in California can email her brand new fabric line to Janice in Florida, Marcea and Janice can use their fabrics in a quilt design and then email the designer a beautiful image of a quilt with their designs in it just in time for their meeting with the fabric company! It’s brilliant!

These women are so talented so go check out their site now! And if you didn’t already see it, the quilt pictured to the right, Coming Up Roses, was featured in tne Nov/Oct issue of Quilt Magazine. Way to go ladies! I hope we keep in touch.

And p.s. these ladies took 2nd place in Houston for single booth award. We all went over to see their beautiful EQ designs hungup on the walls. Their work is just so fresh.