Judy Butcher, of Virtual Quilter has a really cool blog where she designs and posts a new EQ quilt everyday! Her designs are all so different and fun but the best part is that she makes the EQ6 projects available for you to download and edit yourself! Check out her blog and read up on how she designs in EQ6.

This post is my favorite, it’s called, Electric Quilt Dozen Sampler Quilt. Judy challenged herself to make some limitations on a quilt design but still produce a beautiful quilt. Here’s a little bit of what she did but check out the full post on her blog.

“But what if I limit myself to designing quilts with blocks from the Electric Quilt library. What if I set some limits, because I can not spend all day every day for the rest of my life doing this. Remember, I have all of those original blocks to play with as well.

What if I select a dozen of them, sort of at random, from the Electric Quilt block library, and see what happens? What if I try to avoid the most common blocks, like Nine Patch and Monkey Wrench, and use both pieced and applique blocks? What if I am only allowed to alter just one of those blocks, and I decide this after I have designed a border corner from one of the blocks!

And what if I limit myself to the same borders, and just a couple of fabric changes. And what if I limit myself to just a straight layout, either 5 x 5 blocks, or 7 x 7 blocks.”