We’re really excited about the new Kaleidoscope Collection CD from Andrea Bishop. We’ve started shipping orders and stocking up for Houston too so it’s been busy around here.

So now that the CDs are on there way out, you’re going to be getting started on all your new projects! So we’ve created the Kaleidoscope Collections Club on our website!

This club is open to everyone who owns the Kaleidoscope Collection CD plus EQ5 or EQ6.

Each month, Andrea will present something new that you can do with designs from the CD. One month you might learn to modify a block, or try out quilt design variations. Another month you may draw from scratch, or learn to rotate fabric to complement the Kaleidoscope design.

The whole idea is to work together, using these Kaleidoscopes, to really design some cools quilts, and learn in the process.

The first project will begin at the end of October. So get your CD now and keep checking in to be a part of the club!