Chris Willis shared with us her vintage photo cards she made with our printable fabrics.

Here are her instructions:

For those who are computer savvy, you can tint black and white photos using your imaging software and print them out in color on EQ Printables. But if you’d rather spend less time mouse-ing and more time creating, it’s fun and easy to tint black and white fabric photos by hand.

step 1: Scan a vintage black and white photo, or use your favorite imaging software to remove the color from a more recent photo.
step 2:
Print your images onto EQ printable fabric, four to a sheet for postcards. (The Premium Cotton Satin and Lawn have worked best.)
step 3:
Rinse as directed before using wet media to tint.
step 4:
Apply fusible web to the back of your image sheet then carefully cut the image away from its background.
step 5:
Fuse one or more fabrics to create a new 4” x 6” background for your image; fuse your image in place.
step 6: Stitch around all raw edges with invisible thread, if desired.
step 7: Now the fun part: hand tint your image. Experiment first with some of the background areas you cut away before marking on the image you plan to use. Use media that are transparent enough that your original photo image will show through; the idea is to tint, not cover the original. Apply your color in light layers. I use a combination of the following:

Prismacolor or watercolor pencils
Watercolor paints
Fabric dye pens or markers
Fabric paints (thin with gel medium or pure Aloe Vera gel; highlight with Lumieres at full strength)
Graphite pencil

step 8: Quilt and embellish your card as desired. Try echo quilting or stippling to enhance your tinted image. Use thread painting to enhance select areas, especially in hair or clothing. This is a great place to play with fun embellishments like Angelina, couched fibers, glitter pens … just keep your final card thin enough to go through the mail.

Thanks for sharing Chris!