Myra Harder and Cori Derksen of Blue Meadow Designs just told us about this really cool contest they’re holding and it’s totally worth checking out. Basically, they want you to submit your unfinished quilt projects where upon they will choose one as the winner. That quilt will be changed, finished, and returned to the owner with a fresh look! How cool is that!?

Here’s the explanation from their site:

The Concept
In the back of closets, hidden deep in drawers and tucked away from everyone’s sight, are unfinished projects that have gone horribly wrong. We all have them (Myra has a drawer full) and we all wish that they would go away. They seem like such a waste. These projects were once exciting and you were eager to dive in, finish and display them with pride. However…they went wrong and now when you come across them in your closet you cringe and try to ignore them. Well, we have a plan to help ONE of you!

During the 10 years that we worked in our local quilt shop, we spent a lot of time helping customers fix projects that were taking a wrong turn. Now, we want to offer the same help to one quilter out there. We have teamed up with a few of our favorite suppliers and together, we are out to fix one of the ‘hidden disasters’, and bring it out into the daylight.

Learn more at their blog.