EQ Graphic Designer Jenny Novinsky, sent out an early morning office email last week containing only an image of her son Aidan. Aidan got to announce the big news to the EQ staff that he’s going to be a big brother! If you’ve been keeping up with our newsletters and photos you’d know that EQ is a fertility hot spot! EQ staffers Heidi Kory recently had a baby boy named Derek, Sara Seuberling had twins Aly and Ben, and Sara Woodward will welcome a baby girl in October. Now, we can’t say we were too surprised about Jenny’s news. I mean, we’re getting used to the familiar pregnancy announcement around here, it’s more of a guessing game of who’s next!? Never-the-less, the news never gets old and the excitement boils over. Jenny’s new addition will be EQ baby number 5 and we are just so happy for her and her family.

Ok, had enough of the baby updates? We’ll get back to EQ related blog topics now. I promise! …unless we get another email ;)