David, Amy, Jenny, & Andrea
[David Butler, Amy Butler, Jenny Novinsky, & Andrea Bishop]

As our July 22nd meeting with Amy rolled closer and closer, much discussion could be heard between Penny, Jenny and Andrea about their upcoming road trip.

Oh my gosh, what am I going to wear?

What are you going to wear?

Do you think we’ll get to see her studio?

Where are we going again?

We arrived around noon and were greeted by Amy at the door. Her studio takes up an entire gorgeously-restored 150-year-old home just off of downtown. With a mix of timeless, splash of modern, and just all-around Amy vibes everywhere… it was so pleasant and peaceful as we toured room by room and met her staff.

(As you can see from the picture, even the landscaping outside was inspirational.)

We sat down around a long farm table with rectangular white plates as the center pieces (filled with blueberries, peaches, and almonds) and plugged in the laptop nearby.

Let’s talk software!

Together we came up with a new quilt design software project, due out in Spring 2009, featuring new designs by Amy using her current & upcoming fabric lines.

After hours of brainstorming, we broke for lunch and walked over to one of the local restaurants. We shared stories and split some homemade ice cream at the end.

We had fun with our hosts and left that day with a plan. We felt good about where the software was going.

More details to come in December…