Looking through some fellow EQ users’ blogs, I came across a beautiful Mariner’s Compass quilt design in EQ6 by Bobbinhead. She’s experimented with several design but began working on a wall hanging and it’s turning out nicely!

Mariner’s Compass Quilt from Bobbinhead’s Quilting Hideout.

Now she’s down to the center piece and wasn’t sure how she was going to approach it but had a few good ideas. We wanted to pass on some suggestions as well! The center can be pieced or appliquéd as Bobbinhead has mentioned. We recommend an appliqué approach by using a top stitch.

If you want to avoid having to deal with a circular center, you can also do a Mariner’s Compass star that simplifies into a 4-Patch where the spikes go all the way to the center (which would also help you when piecing).

Congrats on starting with such a complex quilt, Bobbinhead! If you too want to make a Mariner’s Compass quilt, start by experimenting in EQ6 with the Auto Borders and a 1×1 Horizontal or On-Point quilt. If you need extra help, try doing Lesson 2 in the EQ6 User Manual (it covers how to make a medallion quilt and add borders).