We’ve had a lot of questions about Lone Star quilts in techsupport recently. For those of you who have not seen this technique yet, pay attention to the fastest Lone Star you’ll ever make (virtually). ;)

In the LIBRARIES > Layout Library > Basics by Style, get the first layout in “Stars” and add it to your Sketchbook.

Get some blocks from the Block Library or draw them yourself. (Four Patch, Nine Patch, Sixteen Patch, etc.)


Edit the quilt from the Sketchbook, set the blocks in the diamond spaces.


If you’re chicken like me when it comes to partial seams and Y-seams, set Half Square Triangles in the setting triangles, so each part simplifies down to triangles in squares.


This works for all sorts of blocks. Remember, if it was foundation-pieceable as one unit (like a Diamond in the Square) when it was square… it will still be foundation-pieceable as one unit when it’s skewed.

I would print Templates or Foundation Pattern to get the pieces and make sure you check “size from quilt!”

Happy EQ-ing!