In the latest issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, Gloria Hansen’s article “Digital Design Principles Part 1″ is a real eye opener for the digitally disabled. In this article, you’ll find guidance for resizing your images, working with Photoshop Elements layers, learn to use Photoshop Elements tools, get digitally organized, and how to manipulate your photos along with a few tips and tricks along the way. Her expertise will really give you a head start in designing using digital-aid.

But, if you like what you learn from Gloria in Quilting Arts, you are going to LOVE her new book! “Digital Essentials – The quilt maker’s must-have guide to digital images, files and more” is a learning guide for designing in programs like Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro. It’s loaded with digital designing instructions, tips, photo tricks, and more! Written by Gloria for both PC and MAC users, this book covers everything from understanding file formats to fixing your photos. So get your feet wet by reading her latest Quilting Arts article, then keep an eye out for her book, Digital Essentials, coming in September from EQ!