Daphne Stewart wrote in about her ClubEQ design from the July 2003 Bargello Challenge. I remember this quilt when she submitted it. I loved the way the flower panels cut off the bargello. It reminded me of the Alps. The quilt is called “Evidence of a Senior Moment.” Here’s what Daphne says:

ClubEQ design

This quilt started as response to the Bargello challenge of July 2003. It was displayed #17. When EQ had the anniversary contest (as partners with QNMagazine) my husband and I went through my scrapbook of challenge and Round Robin quilts and decided this would be easy and fun to do. Stu shopped for fabrics with me and wanted it brighter and I’m glad I agreed. I never got tired of working with these colors. I also tweaked it a little more by adding my initials (Gordon had just taken us through another letter tracing exercise). To get everybody in the act, I emailed the pictures to Mickie Swall and she burned them to a CD for the contest.

Comes the dawn … my quilt wasn’t even in the top forty chosen for final judging. Sigh … The quilt was folded and put away — we don’t have wall space for a quilt this big and 50-some-odd inches is wrong for a bed throw, too — and I finally entered it in the Central Washington State Fair last autumn. Now the quilt is folded and stored with the blue ribbon it won.

Actual quilt

quilt detail quilt detail

Congratulations Daphne on your blue ribbon quilt.

Do you have a ClubEQ quilt that has made it into fabric? Send me a picture and your story to webmaster@electricquilt.com and it just might make our blog!